Why is PrimoCare Medical Clinic Unique?

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Better Posture, Better Health.

Why is PrimoCare Medical Clinic Unique?

PrimoCare is a clinic that provides patient-oriented care as the core of the services. Our experts are with great intentions to take care of you in every step of your health journey with empathetic and continual care. 

At PrimoCare, we provide both curative and preventive services to help you to build a foundation for good health and make sure the patients are able to maintain sustainable healthcare. 

PrimoCare believes that quality healthcare begins with a strong patient-doctor relationship. Our team of dedicated and compassionate physicians takes the time to get to know each patient, understanding their unique needs and concerns prior to discussing and making decisions on treatment plans together with our patients. 

Why should you choose PrimoCare? 

  • We care for you empathetically
  • We spend more than enough time with patients to discuss on their problems
  • We actively listen to understand the patients and are open to discuss with them about their own plan of treatment
  • We try our best to provide the most easily-accessible, convenient and least waiting time service with continual care

Our Services

At PrimoCare, we provide curative and preventive medical services. 

Identifying the root cause of the symptoms you are suffering need major attention so that the patient can receive the proper treatment according to the symptoms. For PrimoCare’s curative medical services, you can get: 

  1. Diagnosis and treatment of general diseases, chronic diseases and minor injuries
  2. Psychotherapy : provided by psychologist or psychotherapist
  3. Physical Therapy : including physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercise
  4. Diet Therapy : provided by family doctor and dietitians

We believe that prevention is better than cure. So by catching and treating health issues early, we can help our patients avoid more serious and costly problems down the road. As PrimoCare’s preventive medical services, you can get: 

  1. Annual Health Check-up
  2. Chronic Disease Screening
  3. Mental Health Screening
  4. Physical Analysis by Physiotherapist
  5. Vaccinations

Another thing that sets us apart is our commitment to staying up-to-date and aim that we are providing the highest standard level of care as possible to make sure our patients receive accurate, efficient and most proper care to each of them according to their situations.

Our Associate Medical Director, Dr.Cherrywin Kongma said “A doctor’s responsibility isn’t just to treat diseases, but it is to treat the patient in every aspect of life, including  physical, mental, social and spiritual. We need to truly understand our patients and look after their total wellbeing, for them to thrive.”

PrimoCare Medical Clinic is dedicated to providing personalized, preventative, and convenient care to our patients. We strive to be the trusted healthcare partner for our patients, helping them to live their healthiest lives.

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