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How Can I Treat Chronic Back Pain?

According to research, 90% of middle-aged to elderly people are suffering from back pain. Back pain can be divided into many forms, from short-term pain to chronic pain that comes from a variety of causes whether it is a sprain bone pain or pain caused by an accident. In some cases, the back pain may be caused by being overweight as well.  

Chronic Back Pain

Uncomplicated muscle soreness generally resolves in less than a week but if you have back pain continuously for more than 2 weeks onwards or have other complications such as weakness, numbness, fever, history of trauma, unintentional weight loss, history of cancer, steroid use and intravenous drug use, you should consult with a doctor to identify the cause of pain and get treatment before chronic back pain occurs. However, chronic back pain is considered as one of the key symptoms of Office Syndrome. Myofascial Pain Syndrome is caused by repetitive work on the same muscle for a long period of time resulting in muscle inflammation and pain in various sites.

How to Prevent Chronic Back Pain?

The following methods will help prevent back pain. In order not to let it happen again, start doing these methods yourself.


Physical Therapy 

Physical therapy is the therapy to restore and strengthen the ability to use the body with various techniques through the audit method and treating the deficiencies of the body caused by the condition of the disease or abnormal movements. However, physical therapy may help relieve pain recovering from injury and help keep the body in balance.

Techniques and Methods of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy focuses on rehabilitation of various ailments with behavior modification together with exercise or use physical therapy tools such as:

Physical Therapy Procedures

Physical therapy is one of the important steps in helping to restore the bones and muscles of the body through the use of techniques such as the science of massage, relaxation after exercise (Sport massage), ultrasound therapy and shockwave therapy, etc. The treatments in addition to physical therapy, also include

Who Should Get Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy can be performed both before and after having abnormal symptoms as physical therapy is about taking care of and restoring the functioning systems of different parts of the body such as muscles, bones and blood circulation in order to work more efficiently

However, visit Primocare Medical Clinic to identify and assess the body structure to treat aches and pain and myositis chronic pain. We are ready to take care of your health completely with prevention and maintaining physical health by exercise management with the use of specialized tools. You can inquire or make an appointment in advance here.


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